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Skiing In Bulgaria

Skiing In Bulgaria

Ok, so I know Bulgaria isn’t likely to be the cardinal place that springs to mind when you think about a skiing vacation. However, you’d be surprised to learn that Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly popular destination of choice for holiday makers across Europe, and the terrene. A new breed of European country, Bulgaria is beginning to build towards becoming an industrialised, metropolitan nation. The eastern European nation has a surprising depth of history and culture, and is truly an excellent place to discover. With this state growth comes the progress of its inherent passion for skiing, again this is evident across the country, with numerous ski resorts springing up undivided over the country.

Bulgaria’s most recognised ski resort is Bansko. As a execution of massive investment in Bulgaria, particularly in the development of the tourism industries, Bansko is undergoing extensive refurbishment and modernisation, to create a facility that can compete on a world scale. As well since time and money spent on developing hotels, glorious apartments, ski lifts and other facilities, there is also a great deal being ploughed into refining the actual slopes themselves, to ensure a high quality, internationally stupendous skiing conditions. With impressive snow coverage from late November ended to spring, Bansko is an ideal location for a ski resort, and this is reflected by its increasing popularity. The beautiful village itself is rich in history and tradition, and you’ll find the people very warm and welcoming; eager to please, and ensure you have a good time.

Another of Bulgaria’s major ski resorts is Pamporovo, situated on the Rhodopi Mountain. A thoroughly modernised resort, Pamporovo boasts an extensive training academy also well maintained ski runs for all abilities. The most southern resort in Europe, Pamporovo benefits from a particularly sunny climate, with around four months of sunshine, further plenty of snow. That means you’ll never be skiing in too unpleasant conditions! Pamporovo is also more than adequately war-horse to deal with proceeding makers in terms of auxiliary services, and has recently unveiled plans for a state of the art ski lift. With so much time and crack being spent on these slopes, it really is an ideal time to visit Bulgaria.

Of course the beauty of Bulgaria as a great skiing location is that it is relatively untouched and undiscovered. This means that you can benefit from the excellent facilities without having to contend with too many tourists. Thus, Bulgaria provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy skiing in eace again quiet, in idyllic settings. Additionally, for a trip in Bulgaria, you’re going to be paying significantly less than other European countries for the same amazing weather and fantastic skiing. Bulgaria really is a win / win location for any skiing holiday.

With such extensive investment in the nation, Bulgaria is an up also coming holiday destination as it pushes towards European integration. By nursing an ever strengthening tourism industry, the nation is growing continually, and this is great news for skiing enthusiasts who can benefit from its excellent habitual resources and ski resort facilities. Additionally, with such a quality - orientated approach, Bulgaria is challenging the more industrialised European nations in terms of service and produce. For a low cost, elevated quality skiing vacation, Bulgaria has to be a consideration, so why not book your vacation, and smoke out Europe’s best kept skiing secret for yourself?




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